Along with books, I do wisdom work, advising and consulting for organizations, groups and individuals. In this work, I draw from my decades of interdisciplinary study and professional practice to provide big-picture perspective and practical tools. I listen mindfully and ask keen questions that widen the lens and hone in on point. I recommend steps, then guide us through them. I access my diverse networks and resources. And I do it all with care and joy.

My wisdom domains include: publishing and literature – children’s, educational, literary, translated, bilingual; social impact film and media; justice and liberation advocacy; and politically conscious mindfulness.

I’ve been wisdom working for years with the Social Impact Media Awards (SIMA),  and for over a decade with Outside In World, whose co-founder and manager Deborah Hallford attests:  “Patricia brings tremendous knowledge and provides incredible support, including hands-on help.” Recently, I advised Vision Paradox on their video series produced with Antics Performance, I Vote Because…, which uses dance as a platform to encourage young people to vote. I curated a list of organizations and activists in the social justice, race equity, voting and youth empowerment spaces for Vision Paradox to reach out to, including Rock the Vote, and Rock the Vote picked up the series! You can watch the awesome I Vote Because… videos on @rockthevote’s IG TV or on the series YouTube page.

This summer, I am at work on another advocacy-based consulting project. I will be available for new projects come September 2020, so please contact me. (The first slide on left is from a beloved Ynez Johnston painting on my wall. This looks like a wise being to me.)