Joy!! My books Empathy, Love, Friends and Sharing are now available in English-only! These editions are the same as the bilingual editions you already love, but with just the English text, so they are perfect for a general audience! They’re also great for reading along with the bilingual editions in multilingual families, classrooms and groups! 

My books are inclusive, conscious, earthful, heartful and mindful. They explore the ways we feel and show empathy, how we express love and friendship, and how we share with those near to us and far. Amazing artist Manuela Gutierrez Montoya brings the words to exquisite life with her joyful, tender illustrations. And in the bilingual editions, the fantastic translators enrich the meanings with their skillful, sensitive tellings.

The series has a wonderful, diverse and devoted following and awesome reviews! The Tiny Activist @thetinyactivists writes: “These board books are absolutely lovely! The illustrations are beautifully diverse…a great addition for language learning and social-emotional learning.”

Empathy, Love, Friends and Sharing are available in 17 bilingual editions and in English-only editions, all of which you can find on the Milet Publishing website! The next and final two books, Gratitude and Emotions, which are coming together beautifully right now, will be released in 2021!

And: I give lively, mindful, engaging readings and workshops about my books, so if you would like me to visit your school or organization, virtually right now, please contact me!