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~ The culmination of a two-year wisdom work project, I am delighted and proud to announce that the Outside In World Collection of Children’s Books in Translation has been acquired by the University of Portsmouth, England! Please read the good news on the OIW site here and on the UoP Library site here. We’re organizing a series of live and virtual launch events around the OIW Collection for Spring 2022, so stay tuned!

~ And some super-cool new wisdom work: I am co-supervising a brilliant PhD student in translation studies at the University of Reading, England, as part of OIW’s partnership with the university, which is also covered in this news notice!

~ I virtually visited a class at Amherst College to share my ideas for an exhibit of translated children’s books that the students are curating for the Eric Carle Museum in Amherst. It was wonderful to meet the group and to support a new generation of translated literature advocates! If you would like to book me to visit your class, please contact me!

~ Gratitude and Emotions, my two latest books with illustrator Manuela G Montoya, are being read and loved by many children (and adults:) in English and 17 bilingual editions, so join in the joy! You can order these and all the books in the series on the Milet Publishing website or wherever you buy books, or borrow them from your library!

~ I introduced this online seminar on translation outreach in schools in Britain. This was the second seminar in a series coorganized by Outside In World, the organization that I advise, and the Centre for Book Cultures and Publishing (CBCP) at the University of Reading. It featured amazing speakers and resources. You can watch the recording of this seminar here and the first one in the series here!

~  My book Love received a lovely review on the Arabic with Nichole Instagram @arabnicles: “There’s a great variety of things to consider as love…a beautiful display of our true diversity…” And Nichole interviewed me about my Arabic learning journey on her website!

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