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~ Keep checking this page for some awesome announcements coming in September!

~ Gratitude and Emotions, my two new books with illustrator Manuela G Montoya, are out now! They are both available in English and 17 bilingual editions. You can order them on the Milet Publishing website or your wherever you buy books, or borrow them from your library!

~ I introduced this online seminar on translation outreach in schools in Britain. This was the second seminar in a series coorganized by Outside In World, the organization that I advise, and the Centre for Book Cultures and Publishing (CBCP) at the University of Reading, England (info on the first seminar below). It featured amazing speakers and resources and you can watch the recording here!

~ The English-Arabic edition of Love was lovingly reviewed on the Arabic with Nichole IG @arabnicles!

~ We also had a Milet Publishing x Arabic with Nichole IG Giveaway of Love and Sharing in English-Arabic! We had a wonderful response and three lucky winners in North America and Britain!

~ I was interviewed about my Arabic learning journey on the wonderful Arabic with Nichole website; read the interview here!

~ I introduced this seminar on translated children’s literature featuring literary translator Ruth Ahmedzai Kemp, organized by the CBCP at the University of Reading, in partnership with Outside In World. You can watch a video of the seminar on the CBCP’s YouTube channel here!

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