I am a mindfulness and meditation guide for individuals and organizations. I am here to support all, and I have special offerings for advocates for equity, justice and liberation. For example, I hold weekly mindfulness and meditation sessions for the staff of the Western Center on Law & Poverty (WCLP).

“Patricia is incredibly skilled at holding space for people to show up as their whole selves. People new to mindfulness find her sessions relatable and accessible, and more experienced practitioners learns ways to deepen their practice. What I most appreciate about Patricia’s work is that the mindfulness she teaches, and lives herself, is always in the furtherance of social justice. Patricia grounds her teaching in the traditional origins of meditation, incorporates neuroscience evidence, and uplifts the teachings of BIPOC thinkers.” ~ WCLP Deputy Director Cori Racela

“Patricia is the most amazing mindfulness guide. She relates to you with so much empathy, kindness and gentleness.¬†She reminds you that you are part of a greater system and understands the challenges and joys that brings: we are all interconnected!” ~ Savita Bailur

I guide on topics like: grounding and centering on the earth; finding our refuges; RAIN practice; releasing from clinging; equanimity and joy; you are enough; wise intention and commitment, less perfectionism; meeting uncertainty and planting freedom seeds; embodied boundaries; mindful communication; resilient compassion; mindful meetings; deep relaxation and sound-vibration meditation; impermanence, grief and letting go; gratitude; love; and more!

I studied mindful awareness practices at the Mindful Awareness Research Center at the University of California, Los Angeles. I have deepened my learning and practice through many trainings and retreats at meditation centers and Thich Nhat Hanh monasteries in the US and Europe. I have gratefully received the wisdom of wonderful teachers, including many in the Plum Village and Insight Meditation traditions. I continue to learn from diverse teachers, sangha-community, our kindred beings, and the earth.

While anchored in mindfulness teachings, I draw from all of my wisdom domains to provide guidance that is compassionate, aware and responsive to what’s happening in the world. I offer equity pricing and a free first consultation. To discuss how I can support you or organization, please contact me. Gratitude.