I have co-created over a thousand amazing, trailblazing books as a publisher with Milet Publishing. I cofounded Milet with Sedat Turhan in 1995, and with our tiny but immensely talented team, we grew it into a leading small independent publishing company. I codirected Milet with Sedat for 15 years, in our offices in London, Izmir and Chicago, before moving into a consulting publisher role.

If you have a book, a book project or idea, you can book a One Hour with a Publisher call with me here.

Children’s books: A big part of my life’s work, Milet’s inclusive, expansive list of children’s books features hundreds of bilingual books in English and 23 different languages, like Arabic, Bengali, Chinese, French, Farsi, Somali, Spanish and Turkish, along with books in English only. The list includes board books, picture books, visual dictionaries, language learning sets, and young fiction. Milet’s children’s books are engaging and educational, welcoming readers and learners of all ages, at home and in school. Find the full list on the Milet website.

Translated literature: For decades, I amplified the voices of Turkish writers as publisher and editorial director of the Milet Turkish Literature Series, an outstanding collection of novels and anthologies translated from Turkish to English. Featuring works by diverse Turkish writers, the series is a vital contribution to world literature in English. The books are read in academic courses in subjects like comparative literature, women’s literature, and translation studies, and they are for general readers too: you don’t need to know about Turkey to appreciate these books! Explore the series on the Milet website.